Breastfeeding top tips

Breastfeeding top tips

Mater’s Breastfeeding Support Centre is available to inpatients as well as a fee-for-service ‘drop in’ centre for women who are breastfeeding at home. Here our staff share some top tips on breastfeeding.

Feeding cues

Early feeding cues that your baby displays to indicate they are ready to feed include:

  • rapid eye movement
  • clicking or tongue sucking
  • rooting—opening their mouth and searching to suck on contact
  • hand movements to their mouth and sucking on hands
  • general increased alertness or activity.

Signs that your baby is getting enough breast milk

Look for five to eight wet nappies per day and urine pale in colour. You can also expect two to three loose bowel movements per day that are yellow or mustard in colour. After six weeks of age your baby’s bowel motions may decrease, but this is not a concern if weight gain and the number of wet nappies are adequate.

Growth spurts

Growth spurts or periods of increased breastfeeds commonly occur at around three and six weeks and three months of age. More frequent feeding is your baby’s way of building your milk supply to meet their growing needs. Feeding patterns should return to normal after two to three days.

For more information, phone Mater’s Breastfeeding Support Centre on 07 3163 8200.


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