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At Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, the caring continues with expert baby care advice for all our new mums. There’s so much to discover about caring for your new baby, it can be a little daunting. Here, we aim to ease any concerns you may have, help you cope with the changes in your body and prepare you for your exciting new role as a parent.

Top Tips

A weighty topic

It is normal for your baby to lose some weight in the first few days, but they usually regain their birth weight by approximately two weeks of age.

Baby Care Resources and Contact Numbers

Mater provides a list of resources and contact numbers for popular services to help with different aspects of parenting.  

Coping with crying

It's normal for babies to have at least one unsettled period each day (usually in the early evening) so it is important that you have some strategies to cope when this happens e.g. holding your baby close, talking to them in a soothing voice, rocking, use of music or a walk in the pram.

Nutrition for new mums

It's important to make good food choices as a new mum. Mater Health and Wellness offer a Nutrition for New Mums program that provides advice and activities to help women look after themselves.

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