Baby Oscar marks 10K milestone at Mater Mothers

Baby Oscar marks 10K milestone at Mater Mothers

Brisbane parents Pamela and Nathan proudly welcomed another baby boy into the world this week, marking a big milestone at Mater Mothers as the 10,000th baby to be born in 2022.
Baby Oscar was born at 40 weeks’ gestation at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, growing the family of three to four. 
Pamela and Nathan said they were very excited to be welcoming another boy into their family. 
Their firstborn, Archer, who is now three-and-a-half years old, was also born at Mater Mothers, and was very excited to find out he was going to become a big brother. 
“He [Archer] asked me if he [Oscar] was going to play toys. He was very excited when we told him the news,” said Pamela. 
Baby Oscar is one of the 10,000 babies to be born at a Mater Mothers’ Hospital this year. 
Director of Medical Services, Dr Mike Beckmann said, “It is our privilege to share in newborn moments with thousands of Queensland families across our state-wide network of hospitals.” 
“As Australia’s largest maternity service, there are more than 30 new Mater babies born each day, and we are delighted to have welcomed another 10,000 babies into our care this year.”
Director of Clinical Services, Maree Reynolds, added by saying, “Reaching the 10,000 mark is always an incredible milestone for Mater Mothers, as well as the new and growing families within the Queensland community.”
“We are thrilled to have reached this significant milestone, and we wish the family all the best as they enjoy baby Oscar,” she said.
Mum Pamela said she couldn’t wait to take baby Oscar home and start their new life as a family of four.
More about Mater Mothers 
Mater Mothers is Australia’s largest maternity service provider, with one in five Queensland babies born at a Mater Mothers’ Hospital.
Mater Mothers shares in beautiful newborn moments across five leading private maternity hospitals and one public maternity hospital, including Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, Mater Mothers’ Private Redland, Mater Mothers' Private Mackay, Mater Mothers' Private Rockhampton, Mater Mothers' Private Townsville, and Mater Mothers’ Hospital in South Brisbane.
The busiest day of the year so far for Mater Mothers has been Thursday 16 June and Tuesday 18 October, both with 52 babies born, while the busiest month so far has been March with 1095 babies born across Queensland. 


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