40 years of care at Mater Mothers

40 years of care at Mater Mothers

For almost 40 years Mater Mothers’ midwife Monica Vane has been supporting families through their most life-changing moment—welcoming newborn babies into their families.

After starting as a student midwife in 1982, it didn’t take long for Monica to realise midwifery was where she was supposed to be.

“Within a short period of time I fell in love with midwifery and knew it was my calling,” Monica said.

Throughout her career Monica has worn several different hats, from being a charge nurse managing 52 beds, delivering babies in births suites and working as a Clinical Midwifery Facilitator.

“Along my journey there have been so many highlights,” Monica said.

“Looking after mums, dad and babies has been wonderful. The everyday midwifery. I have absolutely loved every minute.

“I’ve been able to go along the parenting journey with so many families. I have been with women for multiple pregnancies and their antenatal care.

“It’s such a special time and you really do form strong connections.”

Monica was part of the three-woman team who set up the first Breastfeeding Support Centre at Mater. The team volunteered their time on weekends to establish a centre where families could receive breastfeeding support.

“The service really came from the need of mothers,” Monica said.

“It’s been so wonderful to see our small beginnings of a service grow to what is now the Parenting Support Centre.”

It was Monica’s curious nature to try something new and different that led her to making a change 10 years ago and joining the Natural Fertility Service, where she has had a strong focus on research.

“I love learning new things and challenging myself,” Monica said.

“There was always a new journey and opportunity for me at Mater Mothers. I am so grateful for the paths I have been able to take, especially in Natural Fertility.

“Being involved in the research and being able to hopefully make a change for people who are struggling to have a baby, has been incredibly rewarding.

“I’ve made lots of friends throughout my time. The girls in my team are fabulous and they’re so committed to their work and achieving good results.”

Monica said goodbye to her colleagues at morning tea last week to mark her retirement.

“My colleagues, now my friends, held a beautiful morning tea for me. It was the perfect end to my career,” Monica said.

Parent Education and Support Services Manager Kathleen Goldsmith said Monica has been a shining light at Mater Mothers and will be incredibly missed by the team.

“It has been a pleasure working alongside and learning from Monica,” Kathleen said.

“She is positive, patient, dedicated and has always kept the patients at the core of everything she does,” Kathleen said.

But being the caring person she is, Monica has already volunteered in her local community so she can continue to help new mums.

“I’ve been volunteering in a group that supports new mums,” Monica said.

“A lot of new mums and younger families don’t have help from family around them, so we give them a helping a hand.”

Mater Mothers would like to thank Monica for her years of hard work.

She has made a difference to the lives of everyone she has worked with and cared for.

Mater wishes her all the best in her retirement.



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