Jonty and Cooper start school

Jonty and Cooper start school

Twins Jonty and Cooper were born at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital Brisbane at just 31 weeks gestation are now happy healthy nearly five-years-old who are starting school this week.

On 10 February 2015 Jonty and Cooper de Beer were born nine weeks early, weighing 1500 grams and 1900 grams respectively.

Parents Divan and Jacalyn de Beer said following an emergency c-section the boys were taken to the Mater Mothers’ neonatal critical care unit.

“I saw my babies only for a few seconds before they were rushed to the neonatal critical care unit. It was such an emotional journey to go through before they were born but the nurses and medical staff at Mater Mothers’ were amazing and made it so much easier,” Jacalyn said.

“They were in hospital for 50 days now and spent time on a CPAP machine, IV drip and Jonty even needed surgery because he had a hernia but the boys were able to go home just in time for Easter 2015.

“We were so grateful to all who were involved in their care and especially Dr Glen Gardener for giving them the best care possible.”

The boys are now starting prep this week and luckily for them their mum Jacalyn is a teacher at their school.

“They are so excited to get into the classroom, start learning and make new friends. There is the added bonus that I will be able to see them from my classroom for their first year,” said Jacalyn.

“I am so happy this day has come, the boys are thriving and you would never know they were born so early. They love playing with each other and are so full of energy. I think they will love school.”


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