Family welcomes baby Rose at 22.22.22 on 02.02.2020

Family welcomes baby Rose at 22.22.22 on 02.02.2020

Proud parents Yao and Pius have welcomed baby Rose into the world on 2 February at Mater Mothers’ Hospital meaning her official birth time and date reads 22.22.22 pm on 02.02.2020.

The date and time of 02.02 22.22.22 2020 reads the same forwards and backwards.  It is a rare palindrome date, and the Mater Mothers’ team were so excited to be able to birth a baby at this exact time.

After experiencing a long labour, mum Yao proceeded to a c-section. Yao and Pius asked doctors if they could hold off by just a few minutes to capture the special date and time together.

Mater’s Medical Director of Mothers Babies Women’s Health, Dr Mike Beckmann, helped deliver baby Rose and was very happy to oblige mum’s wishes.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds.  The official time of birth is when the baby is completely out of the mother’s uterus and sometimes that bit of the operation happens fast and sometimes it can take a few extra seconds,” Dr Beckmann explained.

“Of course we don’t want to prolong the operation. The health of the mother and baby is our number one priority—so it’s nice when the stars align in this way.

“The whole room had a real sense of anticipation and excitement as we prepared to deliver baby at that special time for Yao and Pius. Baby Rose came out happy, healthy and right on time …. to the second!”   


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