Care at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane reaches a new level

Care at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane reaches a new level

Care at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane reaches a new level

Shannon and Chris recently welcomed their daughter and second child, Savannah, at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. Their first son, Colt, was also a Mater baby, but their experience this time was a little different, spending two days in a luxurious River View room at Emporium Hotel South Bank.

Shannon knew she wanted to go home early, eager to introduce Savannah into their growing family. While she wanted to ensure a smooth transition for their son as he was coming to terms with having a baby sister, Shannon also wanted her husband, Chris, who was at home with Colt to be part of the special moments that happen over the first few days of a newborn’s life.  

When they heard about Mater Moments at Emporium, they were thrilled. Not only could they spend the first few days together as a family, they could do it in luxury.

“Just being able to have everyone together for the first few days was incredibly special.”

Having never stayed at Emporium before, they were overwhelmed by their spacious and stylish room that fit their family perfectly.

“The room was beautiful and it’s such a nice environment to relax and unwind. The Emporium and Mater staff were incredible—we could have stayed for three weeks if you were offering!”

While they only called on the Midwife once during their stay, Shannon said it was comforting knowing help was right there if needed.

“Knowing that we still had the support of a midwife and nurse if we needed, especially if you’re a mum that has recovered quickly and felt well enough to go home, gave us such peace of mind, but we were able to relax and do what we need to do as a family to welcome Savannah into the world. The Midwife was amazing—calm and professional”

“The location of South Bank was great too—we were just down the road from Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane and also so close to great restaurants and playgrounds for Colt.”

“Our experience at Mater when we had our son, Colt, was exceptional—this time around raised the bar even more!”

To find out how you can relax and spend precious time with your new baby at Emporium Hotel South Bank, call 07 3163 1782 or visit



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