Managing morning sickness

Managing morning sickness

Does the mere thought of food make you race to the bathroom? Are meals you once loved now making your stomach churn? If you are pregnant, odds are you have experienced at least some symptoms of morning sickness.

Studies estimate that nausea and vomiting occur in up to 80 per cent of pregnancies and, despite its name, you can experience morning sickness at any time of the day (or night!).

One of our Mater Mothers’ dietitians recently shared her own morning sickness journey, so we decided to put together some helpful hints to manage your symptoms.

  1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals every two to three hours
  2. Eat dry crackers 15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning
  3. Drink fluids 30 minutes before or after a meal
  4. Keep your fluids up—make sure to drink water throughout the day to avoid dehydration (sugar free mineral waters or soda waters can also assist in settling nausea)
  5. Try eating cold food rather than hot food (cold foods have less odour)
  6. Avoid spicy foods and foods high in fat
  7. Choose snacks which contain protein, such as yoghurt and fruit or wholegrain crackers with sliced cheese
  8. Drink herbal teas containing ginger (ginger products such as crystalised ginger, ginger lollies, ginger ale, tea or raw ginger are all great natural remedies for nausea)
  9. Avoid kitchen odours—put your feet up and let someone else do the cooking

While most women find that their symptoms ease following their first trimester, occasionally morning sickness can last the entire pregnancy. You may wish to speak to your healthcare provider if you find that you are having difficulty managing your symptoms and how they affect you. If you are feeling particularly ill and are suffering from severe vomiting it is important to seek medical advice as you may be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

If you are struggling to eat a balanced diet during your pregnancy, Mater Health and Wellness offers a range of services specifically for pregnant women and mothers. For further information or to make an appointment with one of our specialist women’s health dietitians, contact Mater Health and Wellness on 07 3163 6000.


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For urgent assessment of pregnancy related conditions at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to Mater’s Pregnancy Assessment Centre immediately.

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