Going home

Depending on how your baby is delivered, you can expect to remain in hospital for two to four days after your baby’s birth. A doctor or midwife will check the wellbeing of you and your baby before you both leave the hospital.

It is important to plan for your discharge as early as possible, after the birth of your baby, to ensure all the necessary arrangements for your post hospital care and transport home are made. Most mothers, who are medically fit, prefer to be at home as they seem to rest and recuperate more effectively in their own home environment.


The discharge time from Mater Mothers’ Hospital is 10 am each day. Please ensure that you have pre-arranged for someone to be available to pick you up at 10 am on the anticipated day of discharge and that your baby safety restraint has been fitted securely, prior to your discharge. If you perceive any problems with these discharge requirements, please inform your midwife or nurse as early as possible so that other arrangements can be made.

For the first day or two after discharge, while you continue to recover at home in familiar surroundings, a home care midwife will visit you with your GP’s support. The home care program will be discussed with you at your antenatal clinic appointment.

Personal health record

When you are discharged from the hospital you will receive a personal health record, which provides details of your baby’s birth. You will be asked to present this booklet when you visit your GP, other doctors, and Child Health Clinics, as well as for immunisation visits.

Child health support

You will be offered a referral to child health and our midwives and nurses can provide you with a list of Child Health Clinics in your local area. These clinics provide advice and education about a variety of topics such as your baby’s feeding, behaviour and child development.


Queensland Health recommends that your baby receive vaccinations to ensure they are fully immunised. Please make arrangements with your GP or Child Health Clinic for your baby’s vaccination. Immunisation commences at birth with the next series of vaccinations due at eight weeks of age.

Birth registration and maternity allowance

Birth Registration and Centrelink forms, are given to you on admission to the postnatal ward. You are responsible for completing and returning these forms per instructions on each of the forms. You are also responsible for lodging claims for the maternity allowance and other forms of government assistance.

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on telephone 136 150 during your pregnancy to find out what benefits are available and how and when to lodge claims.

Information is also provided on the Family Assistance Office’s web page

Medical records

Mater Health Services will continue to respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality of all health information in our possession. Issues relating to health information collection, access to health records, and correction of records are addressed in the "Your Privacy Card", which can be obtained from Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital staff.

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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