About Mater Products

Every day, precious new life begins, and another journey starts; the journey of ‘family’, with all its joy and wonder.

Mater midwives have shared this miracle many times over and we are committed to providing the very best maternal health care, welcoming each baby into the world with love and support.

Now, Mater Mothers is continuing this exceptional care and expertise from the hospital to the home.

Home—with a new baby, it’s a whole new universe that we’d like to help you explore.

To ensure the best start for mothers and babies, we’ve developed a range of maternity and baby care products co-created by Mater midwives and mums.

Safe, trustworthy, affordable products that offer quality, and meet the standards required to be endorsed by Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, with proceeds supporting Mater Little Miracles.

With Mater Mothers, every day the caring continues.


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