Three tips to protect you and your baby's skin this winter

Three tips to protect you and your baby's skin this winter

As winter settles in and the humidity lowers in South East Queensland, our skin starts to feel the effects of indoor heating and a lack of moisture. Dry skin can be uncomfortable and makes us more vulnerable to irritation and infection. But it’s not just us mums who suffer. Babies’ skin is also particularly prone to the drying effects of the cooler months.  We share some handy hints to help you and your baby beat dry skin this winter.

Tips for mum

1. Stay hydrated
Our skin needs hydration to keep its elasticity and prevent dryness and irritation. As temperatures drop we often tend to drink less water than in the hot summer months. Not only is drinking water great for our general health, it also keeps our skin hydrated— from the inside out.
2. Be water-wise
On cold winter days it’s tempting to crank up the hot water and lengthen our showers. Hot water and over-bathing strips your skin of essential oils—a recipe for dry, irritated skin. Instead, use lukewarm water and limit your shower time to the bare minimum.
3. Moisturise
It’s important to use a good moisturiser to rehydrate your skin, particularly during cooler months. We recommend Mater Body Balm for pregnancy. Not only is it great as an all over intensive moisturising treatment, it’s also specially formulated to promote softness and elasticity, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks—a win-win!

Tips for baby

1. Use a gentle nourishing baby wash
There are distinct differences between baby and adult skin regarding protective function, sensitivity and pH level, so it’s important to use products specially formulated to be gentle on babies’ skin. Mater Baby Wash is soap free and helps to retain the natural oils and moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated and reducing the risk of irritation. After bathing, avoid rubbing your baby’s skin with a towel—instead pat dry to avoid irritation.
2. Moisturise
It’s also important to use a gentle moisturiser specifically designed for delicate baby skin. We recommend Mater Baby Moisturiser. It provides long lasting protection from dryness, is pH balanced and dermatologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive newborn skin. It’s also ideal for baby massage after bath time or before sleep.
3. Protect from the elements
While South East Queensland doesn’t get as cold as some of our southern counterparts, the lack of humidity during winter means that the cold air can cause dry, chapped skin. If you’re going out and it’s particularly cold and windy, make sure to cover up those little hands and feet. You can also pop on some extra moisturiser before and after you head out.
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