Julian Nascimento is two and walking

Julian Nascimento is two and walking

“Mummy, I am going to walk now.”

When Kelly and Robson’s baby boy was diagnosed with spina bifida, they weren’t sure whether their son would ever take his first little steps. 

Now, just over 2 years old, Julian is absolutely flying!

“Thanks to the team at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals performing in-utero surgery, Julian has had the best possible start to life. He’s absolutely thriving and loving life,” mum Kelly said.

Julian started walking at the age of two, and since those first steps, there has been no stopping him.

“One day he said, ‘Mummy, I’m going to walk now,’ and off he went. It was one of the best moments and I am so proud of him.

“He is such a chatty, funny, determined and loving little boy. He loves playing with his friends, going on adventures and zooming around with his toy planes and cars,” Kelly said.

This week, 1 to 7 September, is Spina Bifida Awareness Week. There are some 5000 adults living with spina bifida in Australia and around 150 babies born with the condition every year. 

At Mater Mothers’ Hospitals we are proud to be the first in Australia to have performed in-utero spinal surgery. While the surgery isn’t a cure for spina bifida, it does significantly improve the outcomes for babies.

“The in-utero surgery was life changing and we will forever be grateful to the beautiful team at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals. They are a part of our family now,” Kelly said.



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