Winners! Mater Mothers’ Hospital staff receive RANZCOG wellbeing award

Winners! Mater Mothers’ Hospital staff receive RANZCOG wellbeing award

A staff debriefing program developed and implemented by Mater Mothers’ Hospital,  in partnership with Mater Education and Mater Foundation, has received an award from The Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RANZCOG). 

Award recipients were announced on Friday 1 October with Mater Mothers’ Hospital Staff Debriefing Group taking out the Wellbeing Award for their work in identifying a lack of formal processes for immediate support following events that emotionally impact staff – including RANZCOG trainees and specialists. 
The working group championed the cause of the ‘hot debrief’—a process of providing immediate support for all staff involved in an event on or at the end of their shift.
The educational training program was developed and delivered by Mater Education, in collaboration with clinical staff and a clinical psychologist with expertise in supporting the mental health of health professionals. 
First delivered in 2019, the program has continued to evolve to a virtual delivery format. Over 60 doctors and midwives are now trained as hot debriefers— capable of facilitating a hot debrief on or immediately after a shift when an event has happened. 
Centred on facilitating peer support following an emotionally distressing event, staff are encouraged to pause their work and spend a short amount of time sharing their emotions and supporting each other. 
Trained staff now conduct ‘hot debrief’ as a matter of routine and feel supported by both their peers and the organisation as a result. 
Below is a full list of group members from Mater Mothers Hospital Staff Debriefing Group: 
  • Dr Paul Bretz (FRANZCOG)
  • Dr Pita Birch (Neonatologist)
  • Dr Luke McLindon (FRANZCOG)
  • Dr Sarah Janssens (FRANZCOG)
  • Dr Suzanne Bertrand (Anaesthetist)
  • Dr Steve Cattanach (FRANZCOG)
  • Amy Kwan (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Andrew Kennelly (Pastoral Carer)
  • Amanda Bates (Registered Nurse)
  • Catherine Cooper (Registered Midwife)
  • Stephanie Barwick (Registered Nurse and Midwife)
Congratulations to Mater Mothers Hospital Staff Debriefing Group on receiving this award. 

Pictured are award recipients (left to right) Dr Luke McLindon (Gynaecologist), Dr Paul Bretz (Obstetrician), Catherine Cooper (Registered Midwife),  Dr Sarah Janssens (Director Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Dr Pita Birch (Director of Neonatology) and Mr Andrew Kennelly (Pastoral Carer)


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