Welcoming baby Maeve into the world

Welcoming baby Maeve into the world

Caitlin and Metassa Zaro found out the exciting news they were expecting a little bundle of joy at the height of a global pandemic, March 2020.

After suffering a miscarriage in November 2019, COVID-19 was the last thing on the pair’s mind as they basked in that early pregnancy joy together, excited to finally have another chance at welcoming their very own into the world. 

“The miscarriage was a bit of a set back for both of us, we knew we wanted to have kids so we were really lucky to successfully fall pregnant again just a few months later,” Caitlin explained.

“My pregnancy was quite rough in the beginning though, I had constant nausea and some vomiting throughout weeks 6 – 14. All I felt like eating was vegemite on toast, bread or crackers! After that passed, my only symptom was reflux.”

Stepping into the third trimester, Caitlin’s ultrasounds showed that the baby was measuring very small, within the tenth percentile.

“We began having fortnightly ultrasounds and CTG monitoring twice weekly, but the baby remained in breech position and did not budge.”

After monitoring the baby’s growth for some time, Caitlin’s obstetrician Dr Sally Aubrey, advised that she would need to be delivered early and that a caesarean section would be the safest option.

“I didn’t really have a birth plan as such and I was just keeping a really open mind, so once I knew that a caesarean was looking more likely, I think it was easier for me to tell myself that it was the right thing to do and all would be okay,” Caitlin shared.

“It definitely helped hearing the doctors tell me it would be the safest option as the baby was breeched almost the whole pregnancy and was measuring really quite small. Essentially, because she was so small, my doctor told me she may not handle a long labour too well.”

Caitlin began receiving steroid injections to help mature the baby’s lungs and their caesarean section was booked shortly after for 27th October.

When the day came, Maeve Eliza Belle Zaro was born at 37 weeks and 3 days, weighing 2325 grams and arriving at 3:56pm at Mater Mothers’ Private Townsville.

“We were just so excited to finally have her here. She was little, but it didn’t matter at all – she was healthy and just perfect!”

As an enrolled nurse, Caitlin added just how different it was to be on the other side of things.

“As a patient, it was quite a different experience but my doctor new I was a nurse and she really went above and beyond to make me feel extra comfortable throughout the whole process.”


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