Wave of Light brings hope

Wave of Light brings hope

Each year all around the world on International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day 15 October, candles are lit to honour and remember a baby who has passed away. The result is a wave of light around the world. 

At Mater Mothers’ Hospitals we are very fortunate to celebrate the joy of more than ten thousand new lives each year but unfortunately, among the joy, there is sadness for those families whose pregnancy has resulted in loss. 

On the evening of International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day Mater Mothers’ Hospitals recognised the annual Wave of Light service hosted by our bereavement team.

More than 100 parents, grandparents and family members attended this significant event to honour the short, but precious, lives of their babies. Parents lit candles, shared readings and poems to acknowledge the grief and trauma of losing their baby.

Perinatal Loss Coordinator Belinda Norman acknowledged how fortunate we are to be able to talk more openly about the loss of a baby than years gone by.

“Each year we invite all the families from the previous year that had a loss at our hospital. Families can request a yearly invitation if they wish to attend; some families that lost a baby over 10 years ago still attend,” Belinda said.

“This is important to families as it allows them a place to acknowledge their baby’s/babies’ life. 

“It allows them to stop and take time out of their busy lives to remember and cherish the memory of their baby and it’s also comforting to be surrounded by other families who have experienced loss,” she said.

Medical Director Mothers Babies Women’s Health Mike Beckman said, “As Australia’s largest maternity service, we also care for many women and families who lose a baby through a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of their newborn baby.”

“We are so blessed to have extraordinary staff who are able to walk with families  on their grief journey,” Dr Beckman said.

If you or someone you know who has had a baby at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals would like ongoing support for their loss, please contact the Bereavement Service on 07 3163 3467 or visit Bereavement Service webpage.


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