Celebrating International Nurses Day – Willow Durrington

Celebrating International Nurses Day – Willow Durrington

Willow Durrington had her heart set on teaching after finishing school – but she's glad she chose nursing!
The 29-year-old is a nurse, clinical midwife and team leader on the Level 9 Antenatal Ward at Mater Mothers’ Hospital. 
And she wouldn't have it any other way. 
Willow played violin and piano at school and thought she would become a music teacher – until she learned more about nursing at a careers event.
“I took the chance and applied for nursing instead," she said.
"I did a dual degree, so I get to do both midwifery and nursing, which I love. 
"Nursing has been a good fit for me, particularly working in women's health."
Willow said she enjoys the variety her job brings every day. 
"I like to know that I’m making a difference and giving the kind of care that I would want to receive if I was in hospital," she said. 
"I also like the extra responsibility of being a team leader and working with students and junior staff members.
"And our team is the best – they make coming to work worth it every day!"
Thank you to Willow and all of our dedicated nurses at Mater Mothers!


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