Baby Heidi is a celebration for Townsville nurse

Baby Heidi is a celebration for Townsville nurse

After trying for more than two years to start a family, Townsville nurse Jamie Hume will celebrate Mothers’ Day for the first time this weekend.
Mrs Hume, a theatre nurse at Mater Mothers' Private Townsville, and her husband Adam welcomed their much-wanted baby girl Heidi into the world on Tuesday morning.
While the birth did not go exactly as planned, Mrs Hume said she was relaxed and knew she was in good hands.
“I ended up having a caesarean section, which wasn’t planned,” she said.
“Heidi just wasn’t happy after the induction and it was decided we would speed things up a bit. 
“I assist obstetricians with operations every day, so I knew what to expect. I knew everything that was going on and felt really calm.”
Mater Private Hospital Townsville Executive Officer Libbie Linley said Heidi arrived just in time to help her mum celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday as well as International Nurses Day on Thursday 12 May. 
“Nurses like Jamie contribute so much to our patients in the way they provide physical as well as emotional support,” Ms Linley said.
“The team at Mater Townsville have been thrilled to provide that same level of care and support to Jamie over the past week, and to welcome a new member of our Mater community.”
Baby Heidi’s middle name, Sheila, was chosen as a special nod to Mrs Hume’s grandmother who will turn 85 years old later this year.
“Her name will always serve as a special reminder of the time of year she was born and the maternal ties that connect her to our family,” Mrs Hume said.
She was looking forward to being at home and celebrating Mother’s Day as a family of three. 
“I’m excited and emotional, and Dad is smitten,” she said.
“We have 27 cows, and lots of chickens and pigs awaiting little Heidi’s arrival.”


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