Congratulations to Beautiful Moments Instagram competition winners

Congratulations to Beautiful Moments Instagram competition winners

Thank you for sharing your favourite #materbeautifulmoments in celebration of Mother’s Day. As always we were overwhelmed with the beautiful images of our Mater babies and families.

We are pleased to announce the major winner is Emmy Arrabal who shared an adorable photo of her and her new born son in her arms. Little Sonny looks very peaceful alongside Mum.

Emmy will receive a fantastic Mater Baby Products prize pack with three months’ worth of Mater Nappies plus a skin care pack including Mater Baby Wash, Mater Baby Moisturiser and Mater Baby Balm

Congratulations to our runners-up who receive a Mater Baby Products skincare pack too!

  • Jenna Du Preez with a photo of her and her son, Henry;
  • Joni Mills with a photo of her two boys, Toby and Noah (with puppy Cuppa);
  • Natalie Schoenmaeckers with a photo of Poppy Luna and Dad playing at South Bank;
  • Nadia Pasqua with a photo of her new born baby having cuddles with Nonna;
  • Sejla Nicolaidis with a photo her son celebrating being one month old;
  • Krystle Van Egmond with a photo of her daughter, Elsie Grace meeting her new born son, Henry James for the first time;
  • Anna Greinke with a photo of her cheeky son, Billy enjoying dinner time;
  • Terleah Doyle with a photo of her and her two daughters at the beach;
  • Caitlin Wilson with a photo of kangaroo cuddle time in NCCU with daughter, Poppy;
  • Sarah Barros with a photo of daughter helping to teach her son how to walk.


Winners will be individually contacted via Instagram. Winning images have been selected based on the ability to show a special and beautiful moment in your baby’s journey.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful moments!



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