Mater mum walks the Great Wall for her boys

Mater mum walks the Great Wall for her boys

Three years ago Leiza Mosely stood by the bedside of her twins, Jonathan and Ethan, as they fought for life in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU).

In Leiza’s 29th week of pregnancy, her waters broke in the middle of the night and she was rushed by ambulance to Brisbane.

Leiza and husband Nigel then spent seven anxious days in hospital as doctors tried to delay the twins’ delivery—with the twins delivered ten weeks premature.

“Jonathan and Ethan had a tough start to life; they spent more than eight weeks in NCCU,” Leiza said.

“Ethan required several highly specialist surgeries for an upper bowel perforation and Jonathan required close monitoring after he developed Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) which saw his heart rate sky-rocket to 280 beats per minute.”

Although there were days when Leiza questioned whether she would experience the joy of taking her beautiful boys home, she never lost hope.

“It was a scary experience but we never gave up hope and now they are thriving, energetic and mischievous, healthy toddlers,” Leiza said.  

Leiza is now preparing to travel to China for two weeks to trek the Great Wall as part of Mater’s Miles for Miracles challenge in a bid to raise $300 000 for neonatal services at Mater.

“Trekking the Great Wall of China is going to be challenging both physically and mentally but I see it as an opportunity to do something worthwhile for the amazing team at Mater who supported Nigel and I through one of the most difficult times in our lives.”

“I have set myself a fundraising target of $20 000—to put that into perspective the cost of the boys’ care over 53 days was just shy of $130 000.” 

Mater Mothers’ Hospital is one of the busiest neonatal units in Australia, providing specialist and critical care to more than 2000 vulnerable babies each year. 

“Funds raised are also used towards fertility research which is giving more couples a chance to experience their own 'little miracle',” Leiza said.

To show your support, visit Leiza’s fundraising page:


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