Beautiful parents to a beautiful baby girl

Beautiful parents to a beautiful baby girl

Proud Mater parents Hayley Wilson and Luke McKew have made quite an impression on the team here at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. After attending their first antenatal class (where Luke insisted on nursing the baby doll for the entire class) and follow up appointments at the hospital, we’ve followed their pregnancy journey closely.

Excitedly, they have now welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world –– Mackenzie Alice McKew (lovingly ‘Kenny’ for short).

“Our little bubba has finally arrived and we are so in love,” said Hayley.

“Mackenzie Alice McKew came into the world at 3.43 pm on 1st June after a fairly drawn out induction process, some labouring and finally a C section. She is 53cm long and weighs 3.65kg (8.1pound). Mummy is doing really well. Daddy is so happy both are healthy and here for him to take care of. We are both so in love with our adorable little Kenny McKew. She is perfect.

“Our baby girl already has us completely besotted with her in every way. I’m such a proud mumma! She’s doing so well with feeding and her check-ups here at Mater Mother’s. We are so grateful for the amazing team who cared for us and are so glad that we chose to deliver our perfect little daughter here.

“We loved the antenatal weekend classes and baby first aid course –– every new parent should do this! The whole experience with your brilliant, caring and knowledgeable midwifery team was amazing.

“After a full week, it’s time to leave our little love bubble at Mater Mothers and take Mackenzie home to our real nest. I was so afraid to go home yesterday. But today I felt prepared, positive and excited.

“It’s been so painful trying to move and walk and look after Kenny while learning so many new things and functioning on four hours sleep a night. Last night was a turning point though; with some amazing support from the medical team around us I feel good about taking the next step. 

“But it’s Luke that has been the most incredible support I could ever ask for; his constant tending to mine and Kenny’s most basic needs and encouragement every step of the way. From the beginning, positive reinforcement during our two day induction, holding my hands while they tried (and failed) to break my waters three times (it hurt more than I anticipated!), to battling through every single contraction with me in labour for five hours before the epidural, not even flinching when I vomited all over us both, wheeling my IV drip with me, paying attention to all the medical advice and updates for the epidural and finally crying with me and giving me so much love and a steady nod when we had no choice but to go through with a very unplanned C section to make sure our baby arrived safely. And she did,” said Hayley.

Hayley and Luke have had some time to settle in at home now and bond with Mackenzie. Focussing on their budding little family, self-care, and the wonders of feeding and bath time have been just some of the precious #MaterBeautifulMoments the McKew family have shared.

“Kenny is such a strong and healthy little bubba. I am so blessed to have created her with the most wonderful, devoted, caring, strong and perfect man,” said Hayley.

"All the staff that attended to us during our induction, labour, C section and post natal care were brilliant. We had an experience that caused some emotional distress because it didn’t go as we hoped it would, but the medical staff did everything they could to make it smooth, safe, supportive and positive for not only myself as a new Mum, but also my partner and our baby girl. Thank you all so so much."



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