NOVICE Program gives junior doctors an advantage

NOVICE Program gives junior doctors an advantage

Mater Education is offering a unique simulation training opportunity to junior doctors wanting to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology to ensure they have the practical skills and confidence to undertake a range of procedures early in their training.

The NOVICE Program, developed by Mater’s obstetrics and gynaecology department and in conjunction with Mater Education, is a one-day intensive course providing Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) simulation training on a range of important obstetric and gynaecological procedures. 

Mater Mothers’ Hospital Staff Specialist and program facilitator Dr Sarah Janssens said the course was developed to meet a need for more hands-on training for RMOs who didn’t always get the opportunity to complete these procedures in the first year or two of training.

“The course is unique in Queensland and with the simulation training run by a number of highly-experienced Consultants, Senior Registrars and Mater Education’s Midwives, participants have one-on-one supervision and guidance, as well as receive constructive feedback for each procedure,” Dr Janssens said.

“It’s important for both RMOs and patients that they have the opportunity to develop competency in a controlled environment before they are faced with doing the procedure in the clinical environment.”

The NOVICE Program is one of a range of Mater Education obstetrics and gynaecology courses providing invaluable simulation training to pre-vocational through to highly-experienced clinical specialists.  


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