A little extra help for Perry

A little extra help for Perry

Despite being born at term, baby Perry came into the world needing a little bit of extra help. He has been in the Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) since he was born on the 28 May 2020 and has spent the last 40 days in the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care ward. 

Previously Perry was in a different crib attached to many different machines where his parents Belinda and Paul weren’t able to be as close to him as they would have liked. 

Perry has now been moved to one of the brand-new Giraffe Warmers a revolutionary piece of infant care technology, one of only five in the Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit and his parents are thrilled with the results. 

As mum Belinda sits beside the Giraffe warmer cuddling her precious son who is still attached to a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for respiratory support she cherishes the skin-to-skin contact she is now able to have with her son. 

“The equipment is amazing, we are able to pop the sides down and move him around easily, he has less cords attached to him which means he can move around a little more,” Belinda said. 

“We feel he is calmer and more settled in the Giraffe Warmer, is has gentle heating and lights to keep him comfortable, the nurses are also able to weigh him here too, so he doesn’t have to moved as many times during the day. 

“I am able to sit here and cuddle him all day, which I couldn’t do in the other crib, it’s fantastic to be so close to him now. We have even been able to customise the Giraffe Warmer adding a little mobile for him to look at.” 

Belinda explains the Giraffe Warmer has allowed her to connect with her son in a way she had been yearning for. 

“We feel he now knows we are here, and we are with him, he is calmer and we are able to be so close to him,” Belinda explains. 

“We didn’t even know what colour his eyes were until he was moved to the Giraffe Warmer he opened his eyes and looked at us, it was a beautiful moment.”

Acting Nurse Unit Manager of the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Melody Emerson said the Giraffe Warmers improving the experience of the NCCU for all families who used them in addition to having many clinical benefits.

“The Giraffe Warmer is an open care system that is used for the care of newborns (most often babies with a congenital cardiac anomaly or those who require surgery).  It allows free access to the baby for investigations, procedures or management of ventilation support whilst ensuring the baby remains warm during the critical transition period post birth or post-operatively,” Melody explains. 

“The Giraffe has a servo control warmer (which means it can continually monitor the baby’s temperature and adjust the overhead heat lamp to keep skin temp at a set point) and includes suction and resuscitation equipment. 

“It has an attachment used specifically for the care of babies who have had or require abdominal surgery where the attachment is used to support a silo in which the bowel is supported externally to the abdominal wall for patients with gastroschisis.”  

Melody says the warmer is used in the transfer of critically unwell patients between the Mater Mothers’ Hospital and Queensland Children’s Hospital next door to the paediatric intensive care unit.  

“The Giraffe attaches to the LG shuttle (which includes patient monitoring, power source, and gasses to run a ventilator during transportation) and is a critical piece of equipment in the care of our sickest patients,” she said. 



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