Mater miracle triplets ready to ring in 2023

Mater miracle triplets ready to ring in 2023

Ipswich mother-of-six Chantelle is gearing up for an action-packed New Year’s Day at home with her ‘miracle’ triplets Matthew, Locklyn and Charlie, who are now big enough to join in the family’s festivities.
The triplets, who were born 10 weeks early at Mater Mothers’ Hospital at South Brisbane on 28 July 2021, are ‘miracle babies’ for Ripley couple Chantelle, 33, and fiancé Greg, 48.
Chantelle, who experienced premature labour, said her triplets, now almost 18 months old, received around-the-clock care at Mater for just under two weeks before being transferred to a hospital closer to home.
The triplets were born via a caesarean section, with Matthew weighing 1555 grams, Locklyn 1538 grams, and their ‘not-so little’ sister Charlie tipping the scales at 1628 grams.
“I was so scared I was going to lose them. I didn’t want them to be born so early – they are my miracle babies,” Chantelle said.
“They thankfully have had no health issues and are just smashing all their milestones.”
Chantelle was “shocked” when her doctor told her she was pregnant with triplets just four weeks into her pregnancy.
“We had been trying,” Chantelle said.
“My eldest is 15 years but I couldn’t believe I was having triplets this time.”
With one in five Queensland babies born at a Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Chantelle said she knew nothing about premature babies until the trio were born.
“Thanks to the medical, nursing and midwifery teams at Mater Mothers’ Hospital - they helped save the lives of my three babies,” she said.
Chantelle and her partner enjoyed New Year’s Eve from the comfort of their couch, surrounded by their children.
“The triplets are older now and able to enjoy the fireworks display which we can see from just up the road,” she said.
“They are active and into everything, so we are home for New Year’s Day.”
She said the triplets each had their own personalities.
“Charlie has been the boss since day one, Locklyn is mischievous and cheeky, and Matthew is a quiet, calm and affectionate little boy,” Chantelle said.
“Every day is full on but I wouldn’t change a thing.”


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