$5 Mater Products’ voucher

$5 Mater Products’ voucher

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals maternity & baby care products would like to thank you for your continued support!

As a Christmas treat we have a discount voucher for you or a friend - we’re offering a $5 Mater Products’ discount voucher to use at selected Woolworths Supermarkets (valid to 31 January) so you can try a Mater Product you have been thinking about purchasing, delight a mum with a baby gift or just stock up on your favourite Mater product!

To claim your voucher, please email products@mater.org.au by 21 December 2017, with VOUCHER in the subject line. Include your best postal address and we will get your voucher out to you pronto!

We appreciate the ongoing support families like yours provide, enabling us to meet an identified gap in the market - to offer families maternity and baby care products that are clinically proven and of truly exceptional quality, developed by a trusted source: Mater Mothers' Hospitals.


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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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