Mater Professor to present prestigious lecture in Austria

Mater Professor to present prestigious lecture in Austria

Mater Professor David McIntyre has been awarded a significant honour and chosen to present a prestigious lecture in Austria, later this year.

Director of Obstetric Medicine and Head of the UQ Mater Clinical Unit Professor McIntyre has been selected to deliver the prestigious Jørgen Pedersen Lecture for the Diabetic Pregnancy Study Group (DPSG) this September in Graz, Austria.

For his outstanding contribution and commitment to managing diabetes and pregnancy Professor McIntyre will be the first Australian to have the honour of presenting since the lectures commenced in 1980.  

“I am certainly very happy with this recognition from my peers, this will put Mater on a global stage being acknowledged as a world leader in the management of diabetes during pregnancy,” Professor McIntyre said.

“Around 14 per cent of mothers delivering at Mater have gestational or pre existing diabetes.

“We are focusing on a broader holistic approach to care not just through the pregnancy journey but beyond factoring in diet and lifestyle for long term health care planning.”

His lecture topic "Diabetes in Pregnancy, the old, the new and hope for the future" will focus on his clinical research and practice within Mater but also address how developing countries can address this growing problem. 

The Diabetic Pregnancy Study Group is a small cohort of invited specialists from around the world, with medical professionals attending from up to 14 different countries including Europe and the United States of America.

Later in the year Professor McIntyre will present another international lecture on Hyperglycaemia in Pregnancy at the International Diabetes Federation, from 2 to 6 December 2019 in Busan, Korea.


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