Holy Mackerel! Warren and Maverick are hooked on fishing.

Holy Mackerel! Warren and Maverick are hooked on fishing.

In 2016 Warren celebrated his first Father's Day and featured as one of Mater Mothers' Hospitals’ #ProudMaterDads.

We asked Warren, as a new father, what he was looking forward to most. He answered without hesitation, ‘to take his son Maveric fishing’.  

“I am already planning our first fishing trip; he may be too young at the moment but it’s never too soon to buy him his first fishing rod, right?” Warren said in 2016.

Recently Maverics’ mum, Samantha, checked in to let us know that Warren’s wish had come true—they had spent their first of many days on the water together. The new fishing duo had a 'reely good time' and Maveric was even lucky enough to catch his first fish, first line in the water!

We love seeing how our Mater families are going, especially when they hit milestones like fishing with dad!

Since 2016, Samantha has loved to watch the bond between dad and son grow.

“I love being able to watch how they play and interact with each other. They really do enjoy each other's company—Maveric is certainly a mini-Warren,” Samantha said.

“They love playing football with each other; kicking the ball and scoring tries, bike riding, playing super heroes, robots and whizzing around racing toy cars.

“When Maveric was a baby, I used to wonder what kind of character he would have. His little personality comes out more and more each day—he’s so much fun and is always trying to make people laugh,” Samantha said.

This Sunday, the family will celebrate Father’s Day by enjoying breakfast out, followed by either fishing or bike riding in the afternoon.

To celebrate all of our #ProudMaterDads this Father’s Day we’re giving away some fantastic prizes, including a hamper of Mater baby products, featuring our skincare and nappies.

To enter simply share your every day moments of parenthood on Mater Mothers’ Hospitals’ Instagram page and tag #ProudMaterDad.



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