Baby Cooper all ready for home after 125 days in NCCU

Baby Cooper all ready for home after 125 days in NCCU

After 125 days being cared for at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit, it’s time for baby Cooper to go home.  

Born on 5 April at only 24 weeks, it’s been a long road for Cooper and his first-time parents Jessica and Bradley.

Jessica’s pregnancy was going well up until 22 weeks when she was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia, followed by HELLP Syndrome at 24 weeks. 

The conditions meant that Jessica’s blood pressure was very high and she had issues with her liver and platelet levels.

“My liver was struggling; I needed to give birth straight away not only for my health but for Cooper as he was being depleted of nutrients,” she said. 

Born via caesarean at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane weighing only 645 grams, Cooper was put on a ventilator straight away as he couldn’t breathe due to his lungs being so underdeveloped. 

“As first time parents, it was a very scary situation to be in.  I was rushed to ICU and I didn’t get to meet Cooper until 30 hours after he was born,”Jessica said. 

“Cooper’s had infections, blood transfusions, a partially collapsed lung and a nasal airway obstruction requiring surgery; just to mention a few of his issues.”

Despite being on a ventilator on and off for the first 12 weeks of his life, Cooper’s lungs have improved, however he requires oxygen 24 hours a day. 

Cooper has been involved in several research trials including the SuPreme study which is investigating the role of sulphate deficiency as a risk factor for cerebral palsy amongst premature babies.

While Cooper has a long way to go, Jessica said they were focussed on the exciting milestone of caring for him at home and watching him progress. 

“Cooper has done so well considering what he’s been through and that’s thanks to the amazing staff at Mater who have looked after him,” she said.

“We look forward to being in the comfort of our home and enjoying every moment with Cooper,” she said. 

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