Proud Mater Dad 2015

Proud Mater Dad 2015

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are excited to launch Proud Mater Dad 2015—our celebration of fathers and fatherhood in the lead up to Father’s Day.

Becoming a father is a special moment. We met with five Proud Mater Dads in the lead up to Father’s Day to capture some of those rawest, most precious moments between a father and child.

Sam and daughter Layla

Sam and Layla

For Proud Mater Dad Sam, becoming a father made him weak at the knees—literally. Nothing could have prepared him for the emotion he felt when he saw daughter Layla for the first time. Watch Sam's video.

Michael and daughter Emma

Michael and Emma

It takes nine months for a baby to grow and for dad to prepare for fatherhood. Having a baby changes your life … Proud Mater Dad Michael comforts baby Emma in the birth suite and can hardly contain his emotions when Emma recognises the sound of his voice … Watch Michael's video.

Ravish and son Kavir 

Ravish, Rajesh and Kavir

With a newborn, every moment is magical. Proud Mater Dad Ravish couldn’t wait to introduce his son Kavir to grandad Rajesh. Watch Ravish's video.

Keith and daughter Lily

Keith and Lily

As a new dad, bath time can be a little daunting. Our exceptional Mater Midwife guides Proud Mater Dad Keith through Lily’s first bath. Watch Keith's video.

Andrew and son Leo

Andrew and Leo

Taking your new baby home is a momentous experience. Proud Mater Dad Andrew couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he prepared to take baby Leo home from hospital. Watch Andrew's video.

These special dad and baby bonding moments also feature in our Proud Mater Dad community campaign. Look out for them on billboards, online and on the Mater Mothers’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

Do you have a Proud Mater Dad moment to share? Don’t forget to share it with us and use the hashtag #ProudMaterDad.


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