Twin boys almost ready for home in time for Easter

Twin boys almost ready for home in time for Easter

After two miscarriages and a heartfelt journey in hospital—Divan and Jacalyn de Beer are almost ready to take home their twin boys Jonty and Cooper after more than 50 days in hospital.

At 15 weeks gestation Jacalyn experienced unexplained heavy bleeding and was rushed straight to the Emergency Department at Mater.

It was found that Jacalyn had a haemorrhage but doctors were unsure of the cause. Thankfully, Jacalyn’s babies were both safe and progressing well.

At 19 weeks gestation Jacalyn was told that her cervix was shorter than usual and had to be put to bed rest. That was the beginning of an eleven week journey in Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

“I spent so much time in hospital resting to make sure my babies would grow and be delivered safely,” Jacalyn said.

“I spent Christmas, New Year and my wedding anniversary all on bed rest at Mater Mothers’ Hospital. My wonderful husband even organised a three course meal for the two of us in hospital for our anniversary. “My doctor thought that my babies wouldn’t make it past 24 weeks gestation and I was really worried about them being born prematurely.”

At 31 weeks gestation, Jacalyn was being treated to a haircut while she was in hospital and shockingly, her water broke halfway through her hair appointment.

“I needed an emergency caesarean because one of my babies was lying sideways and it was going to be a high risk delivery,” Jacalyn said.

On 10 February 2015 Jonty and Cooper de Beer were born, weighing 1500 grams and 1900 grams respectively.

“I saw my babies only for a few seconds before they were rushed to the Neonatal Critical Care Unit. It was such an emotional journey to go through before they were born but the nurses and medical staff at Mater Mothers were amazing and made it so much easier. They have been in hospital for 50 days now and spent time on a CPAP machine, IV drip and Jonty even needed surgery because he had a hernia but my boys are due to go home very soon.”

Jonty and Cooper are doing well now and are likely to spend Easter in hospital but doctors are hopeful that they will return home in the coming week.




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