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As cute as they are, toddlers can be tricky. They’re old enough to have their own ideas and desires, but their bodies and emotions aren’t yet equipped to cope with everything life throws at them. In response to requests from many of our Mater mums, we’ve put together some useful information to help you navigate the challenging toddler years.

Top Tips

What’s in the box?

The Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit has warned parents to keep household chemicals out of the reach of children after a number of cases of children ingesting new bright coloured and bite-size single-dose detergent pods.

Sweet dreams

A Mater study has found that three in four children aged one to five years suffer from broken sleep. To help your child sleep try establishing a regular sleep routine and minimising the use of electronic equipment before bedtime.

Fighting the 'flu'

Mater's Director of Respiratory Medicine Dr Simon Bowler recommends parents vaccinate their children against the 'flu' as it can cause significant illnesses in otherwise healthy children. It's also a great way to stop the illness spreading through childcare centres.

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