Pilates during pregnancy

pilates-callout.jpg Sore back? Aching hips? Decreased energy? Poor posture? Headaches?

These are common complaints, especially due to our busy life schedules. Daily lifestyle factors including sedentary work places, longer work hours, and less down time leads to a less mobile, and poor posturally aware society.

Group classes in a gym setting usually have large numbers, and are not closely monitored, nor are they individualised to a person’s needs. This can lead to injury, and make people associate exercise with a negative outcome.

Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates, as a form of injury rehabilitation and exercise. Pilates focuses on flexibility, stability of joints, and flow of movement.

Clinical Pilates classes at Mater have been developed and are taken only by experienced physiotherapists. At Mater Health and Wellness, you will initially receive a screening consultation to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and a program to begin at home. When you then attend our classes (which are limited to four people) you are assured of individual attention and that you are doing a program that is perfect for you!

Reasons to do Pilates

Pregnancy – postural changes, decreased energy and varied aches and pains can occur while you are pregnant. To help manage these issues, low impact, monitored exercise is optimal. Our classes offer both reformer and spring balanced equipment, as well as ball and mat exercise, so that goals can be achieved for all needs.

Postnatal – repetitive actions of baby cares, like bending, lifting and prolonged sitting, all add to the weakened state of a woman’s body after birth. Pilates can help to avoid these issues and manage them effectively if they do occur.

Pelvic floor weakness – Physiotherapy Pilates works on core strengthening, including the pelvic floor muscles, which are so important for bladder and bowel control. The pelvic floor muscles are also important in providing support for the uterus and other pelvic organs – helping to avoid prolapse.

Poor posture – Physiotherapy Pilates targets your awareness of your ideal posture while you exercise, and during everything that you do in your day to day life.

Joint pain – identifying your strengths and weaknesses aids in treatment, and more importantly, prevention of joint aches and pains.

Book a class

Please telephone 07 3163 6000 (select Option 6, then Option 1) to book your screening consultation with an experienced physiotherapist, after which you can book into our Physiotherapy Pilates classes. Please see the Physiotherapy during Pregnancy brochure for more information.

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