Birthing and Childbirth Tips, Facts and Articles

As the big day draws closer, it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want to approach the birth of your baby. To help you prepare, our experienced team of doctors, midwives and nurses have provided some valuable guidance, support and helpful advice, designed to make the birth of your baby a rewarding and memorable experience.

Top Tips

When should I call the hospital?

You should call the hospital if your waters break; you have bright blood loss; your contractions are regular and five minutes apart or you are ready to come into hospital.

What is an epidural?

An epidural is an injection of local anaesthetic through a fine plastic tube which has been placed near the nerves in your spine that carry pain messages from the uterus and birth canal to the brain.

What is an assisted birth?

An assisted birth means that an obstetrician uses specially designed instruments, such as a vacuum extractor or forceps, to help your baby to be born.

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For urgent assessment of pregnancy related conditions at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to Mater’s Pregnancy Assessment Centre immediately.

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