Birth and Operating Suites

Birthing suites

The birthing suites at Mater Mothers’ Private Redland provide a warm and home-like atmosphere for the birth of your baby. Each birthing suite is self-contained, with a television, telephone, CD player and aromatherapy burner. Your midwife will help you achieve your individual birth plan, and make the most of pain relief options. Refreshments are provided for you and your support person. Meals and snacks for your support person can also be obtained from the café or vending machine on the ground floor of the hospital.

Support person and children

Your support person may accompany you into the birthing suite during labour and birth. If a child is to attend the birth, please prepare them for this special occasion—what they might expect to see, hear and experience. Also, arrange for someone other than your support person to look after your child during the birth or when, perhaps, the child may need to leave the room. Children are not permitted in the operating suite at the hospital.

Operating suites

If you have a caesarean section with an epidural, we welcome one support person into the operating suite and we will provide your support person with appropriate theatre wear. Your support person will not be permitted in the operating suite if you need to have a caesarean with a general anaesthetic.

View the Mater Mothers’ Private Redland Birthing Suites.

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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