Coming to hospital

We understand that coming to hospital and preparing for the birth of a new baby can make you feel excited, anxious and overjoyed. We’ve put together some information to help you prepare for your admission to Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane.

What to bring to hospital

For you:

  • comfortable clothes for labour
  • personal toiletries for you and your partner
  • casual, comfortable daywear
  • sleepwear and dressing gown
  • safe suitable footwear (heel should be less than 2.5cm high, footwear should conform to shape of the foot and have non-slip sole that bends. Footwear should be fastened by laces, zips or velcro).
  • underwear—seven to 10 pairs
  • nursing bras—three or four
  • nursing pads
  • three large packets of maternity or ‘super’ sanitary pads
  • tissues

Please note: Large suitcases may need to be taken home for the duration of your stay, as storage is limited and these large items may be a hazard in an emergency situation.

For your baby:

  • small hat or beanie for use immediately after birth
  • six warm outfits
  • six singlets
  • a wrap for going home
  • large packet baby wipes.

Please note: You will receive complimentary, award winning Mater Newborn First Weeks Nappies for the duration of stay

Optional requirements for labour

  • camera
  • favourite music on smart phone or iPod
  • cards, or other diversional activities
  • favourite massage and aromatherapy oils (please seek advice about safe oils to use during pregnancy and labour)
  • swimwear for your partner to wear in the shower
  • glucose sweets

Photographic equipment

Cameras and smart phones may be used in the Birth Suite at the discretion of the medical and midwifery staff involved in the birth. Please respect the privacy of staff by asking their permission first. 


As Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane is unable to accept liability for losses, please bring essential items only. A lockable drawer is provided in each room. If you place anything in the drawer, please remember to lock it and keep the key with you at all times. If you need extra cash an Automatic Teller Machine is located on level 5 of the hospital, for your convenience.

Smoking and illegal drugs

Smoking is not permitted in Mater hospital buildings.

Smoking while you are breastfeeding is not recommended. If you wish to smoke, please inform your midwife or nurse. You must have someone to care for your baby while you are out of your room. 

Taking illegal drugs is not permitted during your stay at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane.

Coming to hospital for the birth of your baby

During the final stages of your pregnancy, we highly recommend that you and your support person take time to familarise yourselves with where to go for admission at Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane. 

For more details view Having your baby at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane

Learn more about your stay and take a virtual tour of Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane.

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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