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We are in the process of developing and testing an exciting new program to expand the txt4two program to support Mater Mums' achieve their healthy lifestyle goals after their baby arrives.

In the meantime, here is some information about nutrition for new mums

A common concern for many mums is that they do not have enough milk to feed their baby.

The most important way to establish and maintain an adequate milk supply is to remove milk often and well (the ‘supply and demand’ of breast feeding). The nursing staff and lactation consultants will support you through this process and talk to you about how to maximise your production.

To keep YOU feeling well-nourished and with enough energy to get through the day (and night) aim to eat regular meals and snacks and drink plenty of water. You will most likely feel VERY thirsty and need a drink at each feed (or express).

As tempting as it sounds, there is currently no scientific evidence that specific foods improve breast milk supply (including fenugreek or lactation cookies). Your focus should be eating healthily from the five food groups. Lactation cookies are really high in calories and can cause unwanted weight gain; when breastfeeding and expressing is meant to be helping you to loose weight. Using fenugreek and lactation cookies may also prevent you donating milk to the Milk Bank.

Mater mums’ tip

Take it easy on yourself, get a good night’s sleep, enjoy fresh vegetables every day—mix the colours, you get lots of vitamins that way.

Use this handy table for healthy takeaway ideas


Preferred choice


  • vegetable based dishes (chow mien/chop suey) with seafood, chicken or tofu
  • stir-fry e.g. chicken and vegetables
  • steamed rice
  • clear Asian noodle soup
  • sushi
  • rice paper rolls


  • all plain bread types
  • fruit/raisin bread or buns
  • English muffins
  • crumpets
  • Turkish bread
  • Lebanese or pita bread


  • BBQ or rotisserie chicken without skin
  • a side of salad or corn cobs, vegetables


  • water
  • skim milk milkshake (without cream or ice cream added)
  • skinny cappuccino, lattes or flat whites; hot chocolate


  • grilled fish 
  • served with salad or vegies


  • dry curries (vindaloo or madras)
  • tandoori lamb or chicken
  • plain steamed rice
  • roti bread
  • vegetable/lentil dahl


  • thin and crispy base pizza
  • chicken, vegetables, pineapple and seafood topping.  Have 1 or 2 slices with salad
  • pasta with tomato based sauce (e.g. Napolitano, bolognaise)
  • minestrone


  • salad, such as green, Greek, pasta, quinoa-based, or rice-based
  • salad rolls with lean meat filling 
  • baked potato with baked beans or other fillings


  • yoghurt, fresh fruit, fruit salad
  • nuts
  • vege sticks with hummus

Need more ideas? 

Watch our short, practical video below about nutrition for new mums.

See a dietitian or lactation consultant at the Mater Mothers Parenting Support Centre, by calling
07 3163 2229.

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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